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December 23 2021 recap


1. Any plan for airdropping?

by whalerockyou

2. From what date can you earn money from the game?

by hooseinsanaei

  • You can already play to earn in the game through…

League of kingdoms Arena

[🥁Drum roll. Incrementing sound that builds suspense.]

Thanks for hanging in there~ Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for is coming!!🔥🔥

[🥁Drum ends with the loud bang, and… the spotlight]


If you’ve been following our medium blog post, you’ve probably expected it. This December, blockchain-based token economy will be introduced to the League of Kingdoms!

It has always been in…

Token for your voices in the ever decentralizing world

Table of contents

  • What is a governance token
  • Aspects and risks of governance tokens
  • Governance token in the metaverse/games

Governance Tokens?

Blockchain is a technology designed for a secure and transparent transaction between individuals. At the heart of its philosophy lies decentralization. If we can build…

League of Kingdoms

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